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Lynkey - a travel application applying blockchain technology and NFT - now supports and integrates 3S Wallet on its platform. Thereby, LynKey users can use 3S Wallet to connect to the platform, and experience the products of the smart travel ecosystem that LynKey provides.

Through its issuance of tokens, LynKey is digitizing the smart real estate and tourism market without intermediaries, fully empowering the user experience in the real-life ecosystem.

LynKey is also working with smart cities and NFT platforms like Citiesabc.com, major corporations and hotels like Everland Group, Crystal Holidays, Wyndham Group, Centara, Ztudium, Techabc and many other global partners. At the same time, in order to strengthen the platform's identity as well as expand the user file, Lynkey is also expanding its integration with many crypto wallet products on the market, with 3S Wallet being the most recent.

3S Wallet is a multi-chain crypto wallet researched and developed by BHO Network based on 3 criteria Simple - Secure - Safe, aiming to be a comprehensive product in terms of technology, security and user experience.

3S Wallet is not only a wallet that stores crypto assets, but also a multi-functional application, an all-in-one product. In addition to its high security, 3S Wallet's basic features such as sending and receiving crypto, on-chain and cross-chain Swap, multi-network asset storage, web browsing and unlimited access to dApps are all optimized and minimalized to enhance the user experience.

Furthermore, 3S Wallet possesses many outstanding advantages such as: User-friendly and customizable interface to create a personal impression, on-ramp payment through Moonpay, quick token swap at a low cost and the lowest slippage thanks to KyberSwap integration. 3S Wallet always aims to create the most special experience for users.

Through the integration of 3S Wallet, LynKey users can use 3S Wallet to directly connect to the Marketplace platform to exchange, trade, and store assets in the safest and most convenient way, while 3S Wallet is accessible to a wider, diverse user base.

Published on September 29, 2022

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