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3S Wallet and Mystic Treasure, a GameFi project incorporating Learn-to-earn from Spider Moon Studio, have teamed up in a collaborative effort to build mutual benefits and achieve mutual success in the current volatile market.

Mystic Treasure and 3S Wallet will jointly utilize their capabilities and potentials to promote bilateral activities, build and improve themselves, raise awareness, penetrate new markets, and create values for both sides.

About Mystic Treasure

Mystic Treasure is an RPG adventure game that combines Play-to-Earn and Learn-to-Earn, enhanced with advanced immersive simulation. In the world of Mystic Treasure, players have full control to customize their virtual world according to the player's experience and needs. In the game, players will experience a variety of activities including:

  • Solving puzzles and hunting for treasure.
  • Building houses and crafting valuable items.
  • Personalizing your character and competing with other players.

Coming to Mystic Treasure, a highly experiential RPG game, players will not only play games and earn money, but also simultaneously accumulate valuable knowledge with the integrated Learn to earn feature.

Developed by a team of experienced individuals in the field of game making and operation, and co-founder of Spider Moon Studio, Mystic Treasure promises to become a highly anticipated GameFi in the near future.

About 3S Wallet

3S Wallet is a multi-chain crypto wallet researched and developed by BHO Network based on 3 criteria Simple - Secure - Safe, which aims for the highest standards in terms of technology, security and user experience. 4. Not only a wallet that stores cryptographic assets, 3S Wallet is also a multi-functional application, an all-in-one wallet application, in addition to the high security factor of 3S Wallet's basic features such as sending and receiving crypto, on-chain and cross-chain Swap, multi-network asset storage, web browsing and unlimited access to dApps, all of which are optimized while being minimalist to enhance the user experience.

In addition, 3S Wallet possesses many outstanding advantages such as: User-friendly and customizable interface to create a personal touch, on-ramp payment through Moonpay, quick token swap at low cost and lowest slippage, thanks to KyberSwap integration. 3S Wallet always aims to create the most special experience for users.

Through this partnership, Mystic Treasure and 3S Wallet can both maximize bilateral potential, while bringing the most value to users and the community.

Published on August 30, 2022

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